Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Less than 50 days...

Less than 50 days until we get married! And in the last 50 days, I got a job!!!! What a relief to have that set in stone and not have to worry about finances as soon as we are married. Next step: find a place to live, or it's hello to the soon to be in-law's basement! (Just kidding, we would really go live with Mary and Blair. That okay with you guys?)

In other news, I have successfully grown a basil plant!!! Some of my basil leaves were used for the first time over the weekend in some homemade bruschetta. (Notice I didn't say that I made it. But someone else did and I ate it, so that counts right?) It was delicious and I am so proud of my green thumb!! I think it had a lot to do with the soil my mom recommended and some diligent watering, but hey, I did it! Next up is growing rosemary!
Happy hump day everyone!!

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  1. Ah! Yes! Move on in! So excited that we are so close to the big day!